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2013 - 11 - 29
V4机器人焊钳介绍:  产品参数  1.最大电极压力可达到6.5KN。  2.标准臂长可做到800mm(特殊需求可定制)。  3.可使用中频(1000-1800HZ)、工频(50HZ/60HZ)变压器。  4.可使用ISI专用电机,或者使用标准机器人电机,如KUKA、FANUC、Yaskawa、ABB、COMAU。  5.焊钳重量60Kg-82Kg(臂长800mm)。  6.变压器功率65KVA ...
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  ISI-GF EQUIPMENT (WUHAN) CORP., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of intelligent robot welding equipments and supplier of integrated welding robot technology, with major business of research, development, production and distribution of intelligent robot welding products and welding robots. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been focusing on the application of robot welding technology to automobile manufacturing industry, making us one of the few manufacturers in automobile industry in possession of integrated Solution for intelligent welding robot for customers.

  As a manufacturer of intelligent robot welding equipments and assembler of welding robots, we’re committed to become a first-class “supplier and service provider of all-in-one solution for intelligent robot-based welding operation”, that is, design professional intelligent solution adapting to customer’s special requirements on welding assembly, supply corresponding intelligent robot welding equipments, complete welding procedures and provide the customer with satisfactory after services.

  By business optimization and integration, the company is transforming to a high-tech enterprise be able to deliver the customers with all-round services from technical solution, design, processing, production, manufacture, installation, delivery to training and consultation. We’ve constructed industrialized production base in Wuhan, where it’s equipped with complete production, monitoring, testing and experimental installations for production and manufacture of welding control system, integrated welding machine, MF welding system, robot

  automatic welding system, nonstandard welding fixture and its packages and complete automatic welding production line.

  We have independently exclusive knowhow and dedicated production line, with a history of production and manufacture for many years, our products are used by world famous auto manufacturers, including SVW, DPCA, CAPSA, FAW-VW, GAC FIAT, DRAC and Fujian Benz, just to name a few, all are popular and trusted by the customers. Besides, we’ve established long and stable partnership with automobile assemblers such as EDAG, ABB, KUKA, COMAU, Thyssenkrupp, DLAT, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant and EBWEE.

  We were delisted in August 2015 and have acquired ISI-Italia (Original Italian GF Welding S.p.A.), a company specialized in welding technology with a history of 50 years, once acquired, we’ll possess world-leading robot welding technology and development capacity, and effectively expand to global market.

  Wuhan ISI-GF Eagle Automotive Equipments Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the company, was established in October 2015 to acquire high quality assets and technologies of an intelligent welding assembler with 10 years of industry experience, by which we obtained the ability of assembling welding robot, be able to make most of the resources of our existing customers, expand downstream business lines, and enlarge sales of welding equipments from welding assembly business to develop synergy effect.

  Acquired by SI-GF Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd, ISI-Italia (Former Italian GF) is a professional firm of welding technology with a history of 50 years, a producer among few world players able to supply complete welding technology, with all knowhow derived from experiences for over 50 years, full line of core products are independently developed and designed, also, it’s an exclusive supplier of FIAT Italia, key supplier of Volkswagen Deutschland, key supplier of Renault France, as well as a supplier for automobile engine manufacturers, including French PSA.

  We’re in possession of world-leading intelligent robot welding technology, GF WELIDNG brand recognized by international market, complete knowhow and production processes in the fields of resistance welding products and welding robots, as well as various utility models and independently developed core technologies, with which our whole unit products and core parts are independent of external aspects; our full product mixes are recognized by numerous car makers from around the world, by which close business partnership is established with them. We have established plants, R&D centers and marketing and after-service branch offices in many regions of the world, and accessible services are available for car makers all over the world by our multiple joint ventures and partners.

  Wuhan ISI-GF Eagle Automotive Equipments Co., Ltd, a controlling subsidiary of SI-GF Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd, was established in 2015, the business scope of which includes: development, design and manufacture of automatic production line as well as mechanical & electrical equipments; installation and refitting of mechanical equipments; manufacture, wholesale and retaining of position apparatuses, fixtures, molds and gages (Special equipments not included); development and technical transfer of automotive assembly technology; wholesale and retaining of automotive assembling tools, wires & cables, electronic products, metallic materials, steel structure members, automotive parts, integrated mechanical & electrical products and accessories

  Automatic assembly ability: body-in-white welding assembly line (Forming/robot/hemming/laser welding/gluing/automatic conveying systems and etc), car parts welding line, robot welding workstation, special welding machines and etc; solutions and products are of leading technical levels among domestic counterparts

  We’ve full processing equipments and manufacturing capacity, including CNC processing center, universal milling machine with digital display, portable measuring instruments, stationary measuring instruments, wire cutting machines, flame cutters, welding equipments, flat grinders and lathes. Moreover, we’ve many regular outsourced OEM partners with which long-term contract is signed respectively; we’ve the capacity for manufacture of parts and special complete welding and assembling equipments for subassembly line, assembly and manufacture of welding robot system, as well as related facilities in robot isle with an area of about 1000㎡; we’re able to manufacture various automobile gages, other equipments and automatic welding line.

  We’ve established long steady partnership with DPCA, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant, DFAC, DFPV and Wuhan Fojiya Tongda Exhaust System Co., Ltd, just to name a few.

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