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2013 - 11 - 29
V4机器人焊钳介绍:  产品参数  1.最大电极压力可达到6.5KN。  2.标准臂长可做到800mm(特殊需求可定制)。  3.可使用中频(1000-1800HZ)、工频(50HZ/60HZ)变压器。  4.可使用ISI专用电机,或者使用标准机器人电机,如KUKA、FANUC、Yaskawa、ABB、COMAU。  5.焊钳重量60Kg-82Kg(臂长800mm)。  6.变压器功率65KVA ...
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About Us Corporate Culture

  Our Mission

  Technical Leader

  We commit to competitive private brands in international market, and drive the development of domestic independent technology.

  Our Vision

  In the 3rd industry revolution with intelligent and green output as key competitiveness, we’ll not only stand on a right position and take the lead among domestic counterparts, but more take this uncommon opportunity to become a power international player.

  Our Strategy

  We’ll devote to find our position in intelligent and green economic field, establish our corporate image of integrity, preciseness, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  Industry: We’ll push our trade guided by VIP customers market in a flexible manner; and we’ll grow into a global leader based on technical development.

  Platform: We’ll build a big family feeling at home and be pride in by our employees, swerving as a personal development platform on which they can continuously make added value.

  Team: we’ll set up “wild goose team” by setting common target and firm faith, and develop the merits of teamwork through interdependency, mutual coordination and mutual encouragement among team members, so as to achieve the goal f the team as one.

  Employees: our employees focus on self improvement at all time to make out of their most potential on an open platform.

  In the level of our customers and counterparts:

  Customers: We should shape “a community of interest” and target at win-win business while dealing with external customers.

  Counterparts: We should extend our production line by cooperation or participation to expand our business scale while communication with our counterparts.

  Social Public

  We’ll make full use of coming 3-5 years from “behind the curtain” to “the center of stage” in terms of “robust and sound development”, in addition to high-end and professional promotion, we’ll makes efforts to have ISI-GF brand be known and recognized by the society by means of effective public promotion.

  Our Philosophy


  We should be courageous to face adversity to develop faith and learn to grow up in adverse situation

  We should be sharp-eyed in finding and seizing business opportunities

  We should be keen in industry tentacles, diligent in thinking and comprehensible by analogue

  We should be flexible and quick in immediate response, while maintain truth-seeking and realistic rules in actions


  We advocate doing exquisite business and serving customers wholeheartedly

  We regard customers as friends and confidants

  We make a community of interests with customers

  We serve customers as a bridge for technical communications and integration

  We believe that our values are best represented by continuous development of customers’’ brands


  We’re confident that we’re a master of stated-of-the-art technology

  We’ll establish the image of “a reliable partner” before customers

  We keep integrity and trustworthiness all the time

  We do business steadily without lack of enterprising ambition, and we succeed by down-to-earth acts and surprised by the competitors


  Each of us may only realize personal value by integrating it with collective honor and social responsibility

  Trade is integration of our common goal and molten barrier

  Integrity is symbolized by our integration of morality and righteousness

  Service is the integration for agreed difference between cultures

  Concession is the integration for renewal and upgrading

  Understanding, application and remobilization of laws is the wisdom for winner

  Business Spirit

  Integrity, preciseness, entrepreneurship, innovation

  Integrity: treat others with faithfulness, mutual interest, steadiness, reliability, friendship and loyalty

  Preciseness: abide by corporate system, diligent in thinking, keep composure and self-possession, and maintain scientific and precise mindset

  Entrepreneurship: self-improvement in adversity, innovation in favorable circumstance, clear objective, solidarity and enterprising

  Innovation: technical progress, management improvement, business expansion with ambition, realism and innovation

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