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2013 - 11 - 29
V4机器人焊钳介绍:  产品参数  1.最大电极压力可达到6.5KN。  2.标准臂长可做到800mm(特殊需求可定制)。  3.可使用中频(1000-1800HZ)、工频(50HZ/60HZ)变压器。  4.可使用ISI专用电机,或者使用标准机器人电机,如KUKA、FANUC、Yaskawa、ABB、COMAU。  5.焊钳重量60Kg-82Kg(臂长800mm)。  6.变压器功率65KVA ...
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  ISI-GF Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd is a professional producer of intelligent robot welding equipments and provider of welding robot assembly technology; we deliver customer services including supply of all parts, technical consultation and technical training; our service staffs are received professional training and skilled in professional installation, commissioning and maintenance services of welding machine products supplied by us. To make business contact between us more easily and establish better strategic partnership, we’re glad to share with you our high-quality service system.:

  1. Before-sale Service

  From your contact with us for the first time, you’re started to share our star-rated services: we provide you with welding equipments of world leading level, product model designed on your terms, as well as technical communications in preliminary stage of project, so that you can gain insights on out production capacity and technical strength, and help you to eliminate all worries.

  2. In-sale Service

  Once intent of deal is established between you and us, we’ll provide you with products of competitive cost performance and favorable supply system, fair quotation and contract will guaranty your interest.

  3. After-sale Service

  Once you become an official customer of us, we’ll provide with you all-round after-sale guarantee, to the extent that any products bought by you will be warranted for one year of free maintenance, and any inherent quality defect with our products discovered within warranty period will be repaired for free, together with long technical support and supply of parts. Our technical engineer will answer your questions about our products, installation, commissioning and simple applications by call, fax or email. Our after services are available at any time, if on-spot maintenance is necessary at our discretion, after call-in, we’ll immediately send full-time technical engineer for solution in person by hearing your feedback opinion and conducting timely treatment; in case of complex technical problem, we’ll call in Italian expert for proposal on solution and take action accordingly within 48 hours, so as to prevent you from suffering any adverse effect by doing everything we can. Upon arrival of our sold products to the location so appointed by you, we’ll send professional technician to help you commission on the spot, until acceptance to your satisfaction.

  1. Technical Training

  In all stages from equipment commissioning to test run and final acceptance, we’ll carry out in-phase on-site training of your technicians relating to equipment use and operation, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting as well as equipment maintenance for not less than 5 workdays, until all trainees are skilled of independent operation.

  2. Methods of Services

  1).Telesales Support

  If you have doubt during use of our welding product or encounter abnormal condition during use of our equipment, you may request technical support and assistance from us by call, fax or email, which, once is confirmed by us, our technician will be arranged to help you position such fault as soon as possible, propose solution, and given instruction on removing such fault.

  2).At-site Support

  In the case telesales support is inadequate to meet your demand, when you’re encountered equipment failure within quality warranty period, and we’re notified the same, we’ll send experienced engineer to arrive to the site within 1 workday for free services such as technical consultation, maintenance and replacement of defective part, and complete maintenance report in a timely manner for filing by you.

  3).At-site Training

  To improve your servicemen’s ability of equipment maintenance, and your ability of independent installation and removal of common faults with equipment, our engineer will train your staffs at the site for equipment installation as well as the causes and methods of eliminating common faults. During trial run of our welding machine, our technicians will be with you at the site according to contract requirements, and they will stay extended time for this purpose at your request. Our stocking of common wear parts and spare parts for maintenance will be enough to ensure your production is not affected due to our overdue supply of maintenance accessories. If our product is found with various problems, when emergency measures are available to ensure your normal production, domestic supply of parts will be replaced within one week, and imported parts will assuredly be replaced within four weeks.

  3. Main Content of Services

  1). After-sales consultation on technical problems with our products

  2). Instruction on at-site solution of technical problems and faults with our products

  3). Planning, organization and execution of after-sales training of our products

  4). Maintenance service management of our products

  5). Acceptance and treatment tracking of customer complaint

  6). Establishment, maintenance and management of customer archives

  7). Collection, treatment and management of customer opinions and information

  8). Survey and analysis of customer satisfaction

  9). Long supply of spare parts or upgraded products as substitutes

  10).Provide the customer with tailored systematic services

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