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2013 - 11 - 29
V4机器人焊钳介绍:  产品参数  1.最大电极压力可达到6.5KN。  2.标准臂长可做到800mm(特殊需求可定制)。  3.可使用中频(1000-1800HZ)、工频(50HZ/60HZ)变压器。  4.可使用ISI专用电机,或者使用标准机器人电机,如KUKA、FANUC、Yaskawa、ABB、COMAU。  5.焊钳重量60Kg-82Kg(臂长800mm)。  6.变压器功率65KVA ...
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Subassembly line of rear wing liner
Layout plan of lateral production line3D design of lateral assembly lineSimulation of lateral assembly robot  The project aims to produce left and right lateral assemblies, which are divided into three parts, namely, assembly of left/right lateral outer panels, assembly of left/right lateral inner panels, and liner of left/right rear wing subassemblies, which are expected to complete by four technical means of welding, gluing, punching and MIG welding. Work pieces are loaded manually and welded by robot on main production line, handling between stations is completed by robot, and finished parts are grabbed by robot from production line to automated guided vehicle. A total of 7 robots are used for welding and handling operations.
侧围内板总成平面布置侧围内板总成3D设计及仿真侧围内板总成实物现场  供货内容包括:  机械和电气设计,制造,采购,安装和连线,试验,拆卸(有预安装的情况下),提供生产环境,运输,在武汉工厂的安装,工艺和产品的运行与调试。还包括辅助输送设备,工位布置,防闯入安全装置布置和焊装零件划线等。
Skylight sunroof hemming
5 CNG holes are made with 3 powered drill bits, at a design pace of 1.12MIN per hole, manually load work-piece via rolling platform, and the robot grasps the part
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