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2013 - 11 - 29
V4机器人焊钳介绍:  产品参数  1.最大电极压力可达到6.5KN。  2.标准臂长可做到800mm(特殊需求可定制)。  3.可使用中频(1000-1800HZ)、工频(50HZ/60HZ)变压器。  4.可使用ISI专用电机,或者使用标准机器人电机,如KUKA、FANUC、Yaskawa、ABB、COMAU。  5.焊钳重量60Kg-82Kg(臂长800mm)。  6.变压器功率65KVA ...
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Cowl subassembly line
Date: 2016-01-28
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  Mock-up cowl subassembly line


3D simulation of cowl subassembly line fixture

  Content of supply: The subassembly line is required to produce XX cowl and various subassembly units with welding quality and geometric size meeting the requirements of automotive manufacturer; the subassembly line is required to finish cowl assembly, assembly of left/right fender liner and rear finisher subassemblies, bearing floor subassembly, assembly and welding forming of left front crossbeam cover panels.

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